The Role of the Postpartum Doula:

The Postpartum Doula fills the gap in our modern maternity care practices by prolonging the continuity of care women typically receive prenatally and during delivery to also encompass the precious 3 months after birth. Postpartum (meaning “after the birth”) is a time of profound physical and emotional changes for the mother. The Doula is knowledgeable in postpartum recovery and can help answer questions you may have as your body and your hormones are seeking balance and restoration. She is also very experienced in newborn care and normal newborn development.

The Postpartum Doula’s intention is to support and nurture the mother, the family and the home with the purpose of empowering parents as they adjust to their new roles. Everything the Doula does is to create an atmosphere of calm, loving support while encouraging vital parent/infant bonding. She strives to help the new parents feel rested and supported but also confident with a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and resources.

Doula support is also valuable for other members of the family, as well. The Doula provides the baby’s father/mother’s partner with outstanding support during a time when he/she often feels that mom and baby are getting the lion’s share of attention. Grandparents, too, want so much to help and often just aren’t sure what to do. The doula can help the partner/father/grandparents find ways to bond with baby and enjoy this precious time.

In addition to supporting the family with resources and guidance, the doula may help with laundry, sterilization of bottles/preparation of pump equipment, will help keep the kitchen tidy, may provide meal preparation, will prepare healthy snacks for you, may see to errands, and more. The doula will support your chosen method to feed your baby, whether that is at the breast, breastmilk in a bottle, formula, or a combination. She will provide compassionate guidance and education as you learn about the needs of your growing baby.

Even if you are blessed to have extended family around to help after the birth, hiring a doula is a lovely way to ease some of the responsibilities in the home, allowing space for all members of the family to truly experience and bond with the baby.

Consider hiring a doula to help care for you while you care for your new baby.