Parenting is hard, isn’t it? Feel like you could use a few more tools in your parenting toolbox? Come check out the Positive Connections Course! The course is grounded in the idea that we can support and skill­build with our children using positive discipline. And the more we understand what our children are experiencing inside their minds, hearts and bodies, the more we can support their growth effectively!

Course Outcomes:

  • Reflect on personal and societal viewpoints for children and how they should be disciplined.
  • Articulate the long and short­term effects of our parenting choices.
  • Apply the “Mistaken Goal Chart” to any behavior to determine the underlying causes and possible
  • Explore logical consequences and the criteria for “positive discipline” when facing behaviors.
  • Analyze our strengths and weaknesses and how they interact with our children’s’ personalities.
  • Acquire a plethora of strategies to confidently respond to even the most challenging behaviors.
  • And much more!!!

About Shannon:

Shannon Meyer, M.Ed., founded YOLO Parents to help parents be in tune with themselves and their children so that they can connect in ways that form lifelong healthy relationships. As a credentialed teacher with training in Cognitive Coaching, Common Core Education, Parenting Through Connection, and Positive Discipline, Shannon has worked as an instructional coach, consulting with parents and educators throughout the country. Shannon is passionate about supporting parents and educators in seeing the whole child and exploring how a deeper understanding of our kids helps everyone be happier and healthier. Because, you know…YOLO!

Cost: $40 per person, $60 per couple