Mothers Blessing Ceremony

with Kelli DeFlora

Celebrate your pregnancy and birth with this personally designed special event crafted to fit your spirit and space, each Mother’s Blessing ceremony is held to prepare and honor an expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey—to shower mom-to-be with love, support and encouragement. Previous ceremonies have included sharing stories, songs, creative visualization, Necklace Making ceremony, Bath Salt Bowl ceremony, laughter, love and, of course, great food! Sensitive and special, a mother’s blessing is a beautiful compliment to a traditional baby shower and makes a wonderful gift!

Baby Blessings

with Kelli DeFlora

I offer couples wishing to bless, name or welcome their baby in meaningful and spiritual ways non-traditional, personally crafted ceremonies. I can create a variety of secular, spiritual, Shamanic, Yogic or non-denominational, ecumenical ceremonies to honor your new family. These ceremonies are often used to complement “traditional” or “main-stream” religious ceremonies and are always respectful of the beliefs and customs of all in attendance.

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