Fall 2019 Birth-to-Postpartum Immersion

In this four-month group program, hosted by Devoted Mamas founders, Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons, and in collaboration with Montclair BABY, navigate the delicate pregnancy-to-postpartum transition with complete support so you can go from anxious and nervous to calm and confident.

Are you ready to:

  • Develop unwavering faith in your inner strength and physical endurance for birth.
  • Follow a simple plan for early postpartum recovery that conserves your energy and helps you regain strength and energy more completely, both physically and mentally, without setbacks.
  • Make friendships during this sacred time that will feed your spirit and boost your confidence.
  • Deeply and completely enjoy your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery so your memory of this precious time is positive.

Mama, you don’t have to go through pregnancy and into postpartum “hoping for the best” and relying on dr. google or a random group of moms on Facebook for support.

This immersion is for you if…

  • You’re due in September, October, or November 2019. (Due Dec 2019 – Feb 2020? Click here to be added to the Winter Immersion interest list)
  • You’re cobbling together your birth and postpartum preparation and you’re feeling mentally stressed or nervous about birth and the postpartum recovery phase.
  • You want to feel strong in birth but worry that your lack of physical and mental preparation will prevent you from having the experience that you want.
  • You long to have real, candid discussions in a safe space with other mothers about the mental and physical challenges of having a baby and postpartum recovery.
  • You haven’t really thought about planning for postpartum self-care and you’re not sure where to start.
  • You want to make sure you’re exercising correctly during pregnancy and early weeks postpartum so you keep your strength and your postpartum recovery is faster and more complete.

“The immersion program brought me so much more than yoga. It gave me confidence and reassurance when I needed it the most.” – Olivia

Here is what’s included in the 4-month period:

  • Monthly Mini-Retreats. Gather at Montclair BABY for a rejuvenating yoga practice and discussion (2 hours each) – Great for getting hands-on support in your practice, guidance on your specific aches and pains and forming deep connection with the other new moms in the group.
    • Scheduled dates: Sunday, Sept 8th 6:00pm – kickoff
    • Immersion session 1: Saturday, Sept 21st 2:30-4:30pm
    • Immersion session 2: Sunday, Oct 20th 2:30-4:30pm
    • Immersion session 3: Sunday, Nov 17th 2:30-4:30pm
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month with Nicole & Kendra – 1 teaching call + 1 Q&A call (live conversation) *All sessions will be recorded and available for replay.
  • Two 1:1 Private Mentorship Sessions (60 min) – Over the course of the immersion, you’ll have the opportunity for one private virtual or in-person mentorship session with Nicole, and one private virtual or in-person mentorship session with Kendra. You can use these sessions for yoga practice, meditation guidance, answers to your questions, discussion about any aspect of your pregnancy, birth plan or postpartum plan, or even for support after the birth of your baby. It could even be used as a private yoga or prenatal or postpartum training session, designed to set you up for continued and safe home practice.
  • PRE-PAID REGISTRATION in the following Montclair BABY in-person classes:
    • Mothering-in-awareness (or Second-time Mom) 6-week series ($120 value)
    • Postpartum Repair & Restore 6-week series ($120 value)
    • 2 Breastfeeding support group sessions ($30 value)

  • Lifetime Access to the Devoted Mamas Online Courses:
    • Prenatal Yoga Course – 6 online yoga classes and 6 meditations to help you address aches and pains as they come up and keep your body moving and your nerves calm until the day you give birth, plus how to effectively do core work during pregnancy.
    • Birth preparation course – Eight modules of yoga-inspired physical, mental and energetic practices to help you get your mind and body positively geared up for birth.
    • Postpartum Sacred Window Course – To equip you with strategies and a solid plan during pregnancy to help you prep for postpartum: setting up your environment, your self-care supplies, nutrition, cooking and food.
    • Postpartum: Repair Course – This follows the 6-week repair series at Montclair BABY, to help you repair your core and pelvic floor, safely, with targeted corrective exercises and workouts you can do at home.

  • Access to a private Facebook Group in order to stay connected to each other in between sessions. Some special guest speakers will also be invited to share insights and answers to your questions on Facebook Lives.
  • Introductory Private Nutrition Counseling Session with a Registered Dietitian
  • Access to the Devoted Mamas network of professionals — pelvic floor physical therapists, and other pregnancy and postpartum physicians and professionals in NJ and across the US, so you can get support in your area.
  • “The Complete Guide to Getting Back To Exercise Postpartum” eBook, Journal and Daily Tracker ($75 value) This gorgeous 125-page eBook will provide you with the important and easy steps you need to take in the early weeks after baby is born and before you get back into exercise. It includes valuable prompts for reflection and a beautiful daily tracker to encourage and inspire you daily.

Access to all of this is $389 per month for 4 months (Total $1556, valued at over $3500).

You will have your baby during one of the months of the immersion, and where most programs leave off, this group’s support of you will remain constant. As every mother has her baby, the focus of our monthly practices and virtual sessions will evolve toward your postpartum care and repair.

What previous immersion students have said:

    “Self-care might be the hardest and most essential part of motherhood. After my first child was born, I found myself completely changed–physically and mentally–but didn’t have the tools or the energy to navigate those changes. As a result, I never fully felt recovered and I never reflected on what I needed in the post-partum process.

    My second pregnancy was far more physically challenging and during that time, I resolved to do things differently. I just wanted to feel better—stronger, calmer, less consumed by the daily stresses of parenthood and more inward focused. I also really wanted to learn how to ask for what I needed and carve out time for myself, which is something that can seem like a far-fetched luxury with a newborn.

    The intensive program filled all of those needs and more. I knew it was the right choice when Nicole and I reviewed what I could do before the birth to start healing right away. As a result, my hospital stay and first recovery weeks were times of nourishment and taking care of myself. It allowed me to start slow and be ok with that.

    Since then, the program has helped me really understand my body and why building strength in such an intentional way is so important.

    I feel like I’ve laid a foundation for whatever I want to do in the future and as a result, the first 12 weeks after giving birth were a completely different experience. I feel like myself again. The intensive course is really a gift to yourself–a gift of time, of strength and of self-care.”

    -Jill, Cranford , NJ

    “This program helped me develop a great community of women who are inspiring and who genuinely care. I’ve had the most honest discussions with these women. In the beginning they were strangers and you never feel judged. As a new mom, when you have so many nerves and you’re so scared, these are the exact people you want to talk to.

    [I was also able to] identify the abdominal separation and I learned exercises to help close it back. So I feel like I’m well on my way to getting my body back. On my own I would have rushed into exercising way too quickly and really probably done some severe damage if I hadn’t taken this program. Because of the postpartum repair teaching and practice – I would have started exercising a lot faster / sooner and would have done damage but I knew what to do and not do.”

    -Nina, Cranford, NJ

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