Breastfeeding In-Home Support

with Jen Kowal, Jessica Cicerone or Jade Newkirk

While breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally. Some even say it is simple but not easy! The first weeks are the most crucial to developing a strong breastfeeding relationship and yet that is exactly when it seems the hardest. Many mothers find it easier to address barriers and obstacles to an optimal nursing relationship with just a bit of in-home breastfeeding support during the first days and weeks after birth.

We offer in-home breastfeeding counseling sessions to help with normal and typical breastfeeding challenges. We can help with optimal latch, positioning, expression, understanding baby’s developmental needs in regard to feeding, engorgement and more. We recommend that you consider setting up an appointment for lactation support during the first 48-72 hours after you arrive home from the hospital. This support offers you the chance to have any questions answered, and to ensure that your breastfeeding relationship gets off to a great start! Your lactation counselor can also help you with the logistics of feeding multiples and expressing milk if you are returning to work. When faced with a situation that we are not qualified to help with or that is outside our scope of practice, we happily refer out to area Board Certified Lactation Consultants

Our sessions are $125 for a 60-90 minutes of in-home support within 20 minutes drive of Montclair. An additional fee may apply for greater distances. Breastfeeding support may also be available by appointment only at Montclair B.A.B.Y.

Step 1:
Fill out and submit the Request for Lactation Support Form.


Step 2:
Once the counselor has been in touch with you and you’ve scheduled an appointment, please fill out and submit the Assessment & Waiver Form.

Step 3:
Pay your lactation counselor. DO NOT submit payment until the counselor has scheduled your appointment. Payment can be made online here by clicking your counselors appropriate button.

Payment options:

Initial Consultation $125            Follow-up Visit $85

Initial Consultation $250            Follow-up Visit $125

Elizabeth Devany, IBCLC, RN Consultation  —  Elizabeth Devany, IBCLC, RN Follow-up

If you have any questions or concerns please call (973) 370-0765